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What is The Mastermind Hive Community of Entrepreneurs?

First, it might help to understand what it is not:

It is not a Facebook group which can be unfocused, distracting, and lack a deep trust among members. Have you been a part of a Facebook group that became more distracting than helpful?

It is not a meet-up group for entrepreneurs. Meeting in person with other entrepreneurs is important for us and for our businesses to be able to socialize, network, build connections, and get out of the house.

But it can be hard to make it out to these meet-ups consistently, and it's almost impossible to have a focused, purposeful conversation when half of our brain is. Can you relate?

To truly succeed as entrepreneurs, we can’t rely on Facebook groups and meet-ups.

That’s why the Mastermind Hive community is here for you.

Now that we know what it is not, here's what Mastermind Hive is:

We are a focused, online community exclusively for entrepreneurs who want to seize this brief window of opportunity that we've been given to have a positive impact on our collective future.

This is the place you will find everything you need to overcome isolation, overwhelm, and frustration so that you can succeed as a founder or entrepreneur.

We are a group of men and women who are choosing today to get real with each other and to quit hiding our fears and struggles. We are choosing to embrace the time we have today to lead our businesses, and to have an clear impact on our future.

What do we do?

We work together to get clarity and formulate a plan for success and continued mastery in our roles.

How do we do that?

We have regularly scheduled breakthrough, peer-advisory, and mastermind online video calls to help you overcome obstacles and stay on track with your goals, mission, and business building as an entrepreneur.

We get help and stay connected in between the video calls. Our online community includes a place to ask questions, to get un-stuck, and to serve and support other entrepreneurs on the same journey.

You can access the community and video calls easily with any device.

Who is it for?

Inside Mastermind Hive, you’ll find entrepreneurs from every corner of the business world. You could be a stay-at-home entreprenur, social entrepreneur, Small business entrepreneurs, scalable startup entrepreneurs, large company entrepreneurs or someone thinking about getting involved in entrepreneurship - but you should be one of the primary founders for your business/idea.

You can join sub-groups within Mastermind Hive to support you wherever you are on your entrepreneurial path whether you're brand new, or a seasoned pro... whether you have a new business, or multiple streams of income.

Why join? What outcome can you expect?

You can expect to succeed as an entrepreneur! We'll work with you to define what success looks like for you, and then to formulate a plan and processes to overcome any struggle or hurdle you face and to achieve that success.

As a member of Mastermind Hive you'll get a Guide, a Roadmap, and Community.

This is your time! Today is the greatest opportunity you will ever have to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and to build momentum towards crafting the freedom to exceed your wildest dreams for the people who are most important to you.

Choose now to invest in your business, your success as an entrepreneur, and to build like-minded bonds with entrepreneurs that will last for decades.

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